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EACH CAPSULE CONTAINS: Sesamum radiatum 35%, Cissus populnea 35%, Maca roots 15%, Lophira lanceolata 15%


Oligospermia, azoospermia, oligospermiaesthenia, enhancement of fertility.

Male reproduction capacity was found to be deficient in nearly 50% of infertile couples according to a study carried out by world health organization in 1987. Oligozoospermia, sexual and ejaculatory dysfunction are further responsible for inability to conceive in numerous cases. Although many synthetic drugs are available and or used to treat these problems, some of the drawbacks for these drugs include them being expensive and also their ability to provoke serious adverse effects, effective natural treatments are therefore necessary.

Antioxidants are known to enhance fertility either directly or indirectly. Most plants rich in antioxidants have been found to increase sperm counts, motility and enhance sperm morphology. These compounds are capable of removing free radicals from the body system. Vitamin C and E (tocopherol) are free radical scavengers and they protect against lipid peroxidation.

SPERMBOOM is well researched scientific formulation of 4 herbs that is produced under a hygienic condition and GMP (Good manufacturing practice). A formulation recommended by pharmacist and pharmacognosists alike.

Sesamum radiatum 35%

There is a positive indication that sesame enhances fertility by production of substances necessary for the proper function of spermatozoa. Sesame being rich in antioxidants lignans (phytoestogens) have the ability of improving fertility potential of the male reproductive tract, sesame contains abundant lignans such as lipid soluble lignans (sesamin and sesamolin), sterol and water soluble lignin glycosides (sesaminol triglucosid and sesaminol diglucoside) with varied potent antioxidants activity. Sesame improved sperm counts and motility.

Cissus populnea 35%

Zinc and vitamin c have been found to be essential for male factor fertility. Extracts of C.populnea showed that sperm count was significantly increased by 37%. The surum luteninizing (LH) and follicular stimulating hormones (FSH) were elevated by 11% and 29% respectively.

Maca roots 15%

Maca is rich in vitamin B, vitamins C and E. it provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. Maca is widely used to promote sexual functions of both men and women. It serves as a boost to your libido and increases endurance. At the same time, it balances your hormones and increase fertility. Treatments with maca resulted in increased seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculation, and sperm motility. Within days of using maca, your energy level may increase. It is known for increasing stamina.

Lophira lanceolata 15%

When Lophira lanceolata is administered, it produces a significant and dose dependant increases in epididymal sperm number. But the sperm motility and morphology remained unchanged. The extract produced a decrease in the blood level of follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) and an increase in the levels of leutinizing hormomes (LH) and testosterone.



NOTE! Result may vary with individuals.
If you are on any medication, consult a medical professional before taking this product.

SIDE EFFECTS: No known side effects.

DOSAGE: Two capsules to be taken daily.



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  1. Sir, I just read through the contents present in the drug... I want to know the cost of it,how long for effective result & where can it be obtained..... Thanks
  2. When a test revealed no sex cell in semen. That means nothing to fertilize egg in the semen. Can this drug be used for it to improve this
  3. My question is on the Eveboom drug. I just bought the spermboom. Presently, my wife is suffering from hormonal imbalance caused by hyperthyroidism. This has impaired our child bearing. She's presently using thyroid drugs. I want to know the details of what the Eveboom cause heal before buying and also if she can use it with her thyroid drugs without side effects. I want to have a baby soon o.
  4. Greetings to you sir/ma. Please do you have any distributor in Oyo State? Or kindly let me know how I can make an order for the HC spermboom capsule. I'm earnestly waiting for your reply. Thanks.
  5. Hello, please while taking this drug is it advisable to hVe sex with your wife or one should stay away till after the usage, tnks
  6. pls sir, can this sperm boom increase sperm speediness and also help the sperm to swim fast in order to pregnant a woman.
  7. Can the person with a test of Nil sperm count also be taken spermboom & achieve a great desire result? And for how long such person will take it if so?
  8. I live in Abuja where can I purchase the drug. Is it herbal supplement, What's are the the side effect and drug interaction? Is it safe for hypertensive patient. Thanks
  9. Hi good day. I have low sperm count and I was recommended by my doctor to be taking HC Spermboom together with Adam's desire for just 15 days in which I've started using this, but later been told by the nature's field admin to been taking Fertil support man and maca ... So my question now is that can I switch to Fertil support man and maca after i finish the Spermboom and Adams desire for 15 days? Or should i just continue with the Adams desire and the Spermboom? Or can my sperm back in position for that just 15 days of taking Adam's desire with Spermboom? Please I really need your urgent reply. Thanks

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